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2019 Fall Ball Information

09/04/2019, 7:00pm PDT
By VLLB Administrator

This is an informational post about the current state of the 2019 Fall Ball Program. 



We are having some issues with coaching staff and hope to get this handled within the next few days. That being said, we are looking for coaches at the lower division and upper division level of play. Junior and Major divisions are the only divisions with games booked against American Canyon, Benicia, CTVLL, Napa, Pinole, Fairfield and Suisun. 


However, our first games for the Major Division are this Sunday and we've had a bunch of no-shows. That being said, if you have a player interested in player for the fall click here to send an email and it will be forwarded to our player agent. We need players from the age of 10-12. The price is $50.00 and includes a jersey/shirt and hat. They will play through-out October. 


For the younger divisions, we are going to switch to clinics and a teaching based program. We will update everyone within the next week about the times and dates for the first meet-ups. 


We are definitely reaching out to the community, if you have coaching experience and would like to help or can help, please reach out to the email : and in the subject line put Fall Ball 2019. You will be answered as soon as possible. 

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