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Jun, 2020


We know that the players and parents are anxious for a season to return. We've attached some Return to Play Guidelines and Mandates in a word document that you can download, or open for review. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at : [email protected] . We haven't received any information to give a date for start. We will however update as we get more concrete information. 


  1. ALL Guidelines and Mandates from Local, State and Little League International will be followed for facilities and events.
  2. Crowd Gathering or Fan sections will not be allowed during play. Parents and or Guardians can attend the viewing of events and practices, no less than 60ft away from the field of play. Which includes fences, dugouts, concession or operation buildings. We suggest that families and friends watch from the outside fences with lawn chairs. Maintaining 6-10 feet of physical distancing from individuals outside of your immediate family members. All attendees will follow basic PPE protocols which includes wearing a mask or covering at all times.
  3. Individuals or families that cannot practice or maintain physical distancing will be asked to leave the facilities area. Which may include the player of said family.
  4. Parents and Guardians are asked to provide the following to their players :
    1. Anti-bacterial wipes and or Sanitizer.
    2. Baseball Bag or Backpack for their equipment.
    3. Protective Coverings for Mouth. Standard maskings or Under Armour / Nike face sleeves.
    4. Confined Water or Fluid container for their Player.
  5. There will be NO EQUIPMENT SHARING. Each Player is required to have the following :
    1. Equipment bag. Which will house their equipment immediately after use.
    2. Helmet. No sharing of helmets is allowed.
    3. Baseball Bats. All players will confine their bats into their bat bag after using. No players will touch another players bat after an AT BAT. Base Coaches will retrieve and wipe down and placed to the side until said player returns from the Field of Play.
    4. Gloves. All Players will have their own baseball glove, Catchers Mitt or First Basemen Glove.
    5. Any item belonging to Player A cannot be shared with Player B, C, D or etc, unless siblings or close relatives. These mandates are absolute, there is no negotiation.
    6. All Baseball BAGS will be put behind the Dug-outs or to the side of the bleachers.
  6. Dug-outs will be spread out as best as possible and some teams will have to utilize the bleacher fan areas for their players. There should be no physical contact and one of the coaches there to handle operations to and from the field.
  7. Vallejo Little League will have hand sanitizers and wipes at most fields. This however is only in ADDITION to what each player is provided by their Parents, Guardians or Caretakers.
  8. Sharing of Food and Drinks is absolutely Prohibited.
  9. No Sunflower Seeds or chewing of Gum is allowed at the field. As such, any player being in possession of said items or seen spitting on the field of play or near it will be removed and asked to return home until further communication comes from Managers and or the Board of Directors.






  10. Any player with a fever, cough, sniffles, sneezing or feeling under the weather is asked to stay home. No negotiations. Players, Families and Guardians are then asked to give themselves a 72hr window before returning to practices or games. For major illnesses, a medical examiners clearance may have to be provided.
  11. Any player found to have a temperature at the check-in procedures for practice or games will be asked to leave with their parents and guardians. A 72 hour window will be given for any continuation of events and if the problems persist we ask that clearance from a medical examiner is given.
  12. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) :
    1. All Managers / Coaches, Volunteers, Umpires will wear PPE whenever applicable and possible. Cloth Masks, Respirators, Face Sleeves are all permitted. Protective Gloves will also be worn. If said individual needs to remove covering, they must remove themselves from the field of play at least 60 feet, and can do so. Anyone breaking this mandate will be asked to remove themselves from the field / practice.
    2. Players should wear a face covering, whether medical, cloth, drifit or 3M in close contact spaces. Such as dug-outs or during brief team gathering.
    3. Players in younger divisions (Tee-Ball / Farm) should not wear masks or face coverings on the field of play. Older Divisions, Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior can enter the field of play with permitted masks or face coverings
    4. Players should not wear medical gloves on the field.
    5. Masks, be them cloth, drifit, 3M or medical will not be placed on children under 2 years of age, or anyone who has trouble breathing, incapacitate or unable to remove the mask without assistance.
  13. Teams will be responsible for cleaning their dug-outs of all trash, gloves, protective coverings, after each game and wiping down ALL bench or hard surfaces with league provided materials. This is BEFORE games or practice and AFTER games or practice.
  14. Consumption of Food, Candy, Gum and Sunflower Seeds is PROHIBITED in the Dug-out Area or near other players. Players must leave the field of play.
  15. All Player Equipment must be disinfected after use and before use at the Players Home by Parents or Guardians and by Field Supervisors utilizing medical gloves. Use of EPA or CDC certified materials can be found at their corresponding websites.
  16. Managers and Coaches will practice physical distancing outside of the dug-out whenever applicable. They should assign spots BEFORE the game is to proceed.
  17. Players will have assigned spots on the bench or bleachers AND WILL NOT MOVE to another spot after assignment.
  18. Concessions is currently under review and we will post updates once a decision is made.
  19. If you are a family member, parent or guardian attending a practice or game. We ask that you REGULARLY take a temperature check before attending said facilities or events. This is to ensure we are ALL doing our part to make this as SAFE as possible for the child players.






  20. Baseballs will be rotated and disinfected as the game permits. Players may be wearing Quarterback gloves or Batting Gloves on their throwing hands. In this case, the PITCHER will be the ONLY player on the field who does not wear a glove. During Practices, these gloves will also be used to minimize contact.
  21. Plate Umpires will umpire from BEHIND the mound. Base Umpires will maintain at least 6-8 feet of physical distance from players. All personnel will maintain physical distancing mandates.
  22. Regulation I (B) no restriction on the player agent they may manage, coach, or umpire during the 2020 season any division. Board of directors ratio to exceed 50% manager/coach representation following the suspension if leagues need to fill the Board of Directors may exceed a minority. Whatever it takes to let players play baseball. For interleague and combined teams look at the resumption resource guide for 2020 season. Regulation II (A) and IV (H) removes the deadline for regulation and regular season waivers. Regulation II (A) provides flexibility to leagues resuming play without of boundary player that leagues suspend operations in 2020. Any player wanting to play open it up to them if they do not belong to us without a problem.
  23. ALL MANAGERS and COACHES WILL attend a mandatory safety meeting with a date set within two weeks of the Reopening of the Season. This is non-negotiable and any MANAGER or COACH that does not attend, will not be permitted to attend their team events for the remainder of said season.













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