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Vallejo Little League Updates (1/14/2021)

We wanted to put out an update while we are updating our website, database and merging information to the new. Vallejo Little League baseball is most definitely, alive for the 2022 season and beyond.  We chose not to participate in 2021 season play as to not add potential exposures to children and parents. We were looking for a safer method and it's harder to keep that method active and up to date with leagues, organizations and other parties that may not of felt the same way. Especially with the divide in the world of belief and fact. 

Vallejo Little League is not associated with Vallejo Community Baseball, Babe Ruth, or other organizations listing sign-ups or try-outs within our fields and using words that can confuse those thinking it's Vallejo Little League. Vallejo Little League is only associated with Vallejo Baseball Club, Pony and some travel teams utilizing special games permits and for GAMES only. 

We understand that this has added to the confusion, and we are looking to rectify that. 

Registrations are open, clicking the REGISTER 2022 will take you to all the information needed for the website. We have transitioned away from Sports-connect and went back to SportsEngine to ensure connectivity and community information access. The website will be going through a series of changes and updates, but bear with us - as it will continually be updated. 

League Contacts, Board Members, Board Meeting Minutes, Zoom Portals, Uniforms, Fan Gear and other utilities will be available as they're completed. We are looking forward to the 2022 Season with new board members, a lot more volunteers, new sponsors, new elements and a brand new change of the league as a whole. 


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